Chamasoft handles very confidential information. For this, Chamasoft implements very secure measures to keep data protected from any vulnerability.

The following are some of the measures taken

Data backup

We conduct regular backups of both the code and individual group data. This data is stored in both the main and our back up servers.

How secure is the data and confidentiality.

Fig 1: Backup

Your data is secure in the following ways;

  1. Group data is stored on cloud.
  2. All our servers are encrypted.

We have separated the code data base from the group data base.

  1. We conduct regular backups of both the code data base and group data base.
  2. Each group is issued its own sub-domain e.g.
  3. Each group is issued with a key. This key is used to identify data within the specified group.

You can export data to excel format

Yes, on Chamasoft you can export data in both PDF and excel formats.

Ownership of the servers that run the system.

We have full ownership of the backup servers but investment group data belongs to the client.


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