Chamasoft allows the  user to the add member loan interface, whereby the user is allowed to enter the loan disbursed together with the terms of the loan e.g. on fixed interest/reducing balance for 12 months. Once submitted the module manages notifications on installments, balances and penalties due.

To create a loan category follow the following steps

  1. Go to; Loans and click on Create Loan
Loans Creation
fig 1: Create loan

2. Fill the entries as follows:

Loans Creation
fig 2: Creating a loan

3. Click on SAVE CHANGES to save.

Loans Creation
fig 3: Loan created

You have successfully created a loan category.


    1. Dennis Macharia Article Author

      Dear Lilian,

      To edit a Loan, go to Loans Menu on the left hand side menu and click on List Loans from the drop-down menu.
      All the loans created will be listed here.

      Kindly click on the edit button on the loan you wish to change.
      This will display all the loan entries. Kindly change the entries here.

      Click on the SAVE CHANGES button below.

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