Chamasoft awards you a 14 days trial period after creating a group account. Upon expiry of this period, the account is suspended and one is redirected to the billing page.

Fig 1: Billing Information
Fig 1: Billing Information

In order to keep connected, you should make a subscription payment suitable for you.

There are three subscription plans on Chamasoft. This includes:

  1. Monthly Subscription
  2. Quarterly Subscription (Three months)
  3. Annually Subscription

The pricing is as follows (VAT exclusive)

  1. Monthly Subscription ksh 600
  2. Quarterly Subscription (Three months) ksh 1500
  3. Annually Subscription ksh 5000

This applies to the first 20 members of a group. From there, there is an extra fee of ksh 30 for every member above 20 per every month.

Adding Kenya’s value added tax (16%) the final prices are as follows:

The pricing + VAT

  1. Monthly Subscription ksh 696
  2. Quarterly Subscription (Three months) ksh 1740
  3. Annually Subscription ksh 5800

Chamasoft also features a price calculator. This helps you calculate the subscription cost according to the number of members (VAT inclusive)

Fig 2: Cost Calculator
Fig 2: Price Calculator

To calculate the cost, enter the number of the group members followed by the preferred subscription and click on calculate price as shown above.

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