Chamasoft allows you to record all external income that is earned. This includes money from outside the group e.g. bonuses and grants.

Go to; Deposits>Record External Incomes here

Recording External Income
fig 1: Recording External Income

fill in the entries as shown below:

  • Deposit date: Select the month and date when the payment was received.
  • Depositor: Click to select the depositor. In the case of a new depositor, select “ADD NEW DEPOSITOR” to create his/her details. After creating a new depositor, kindly refresh your page and proceed.
  • Payment for: Click to select the income category. In the case of a new category, select “ADD NEW INCOME CATEGORY.” After creating a new category, kindly refresh your page and proceed.
  • Account: select the account.
  • Amount: state the amount of the income.

Click on RECORD INCOME to save the changes.

You have successfully recorded an external income to your account.


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