Chamasoft allows you to record miscellaneous payments. This includes small payments which have not been categorized anywhere else e.g. buying a book

To record a miscellaneous payment;

Go to; Deposits>Record Miscellaneous Payment here

Recording Miscellaneous Payments
fig 1: Recording Miscellaneous Payments

Fill in the as shown below

  • Deposit date: Select the date when the payment was made.
  • Member: Select the member responsible for the payment.
  • Payment for: Briefly describe the miscellaneous payment.
  • Account: Select the account.
  • Deposit method: Select the method of deposit.
  • Amount: State the amount of the payment.


You can also enable notification. This sends a message and/or an email address to the respective member notifying the of the transaction (i.e. it acts as a receipt).

To enable notification, click on the dialogue box as shown below

Fig 2: Miscellaneous Payments Notification
Fig 2: Miscellaneous Payments Notification

You have successfully recorded a miscellaneous payment.

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